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Snabbfoting helps teams outperform the status quo and build best-in-class culture solutions.

Snabbfoting is a consultant company helping organizations flourish and be a better workplace. We help organizations that are evolving and improving, seeking new and agile ways of working.

The Snabbfoting spirit is to be curious, dynamic and agile. You’ll get a local, personal and committed team with a passion for natural learning. With a selection of industry-leading partners, we have over 100 years of combined knowledge in edtech and natural learning between us.

Facilitation & consulting services

We assist in creating psychological safety and facilitate courageous conversations where every voice is heard. Our services include assessing and evaluating skills, team or organizational culture, providing a roadmap to build a fearless workplace. For any inquiries, feel free to contact Ewa Hutmacher.

Workplace Culture Design

We assist organizations and teams in unlocking their individual and collective potential. Our tools and methodology help you create clarity and alignment, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance collaboration. You don’t have to do this alone. Get in touch!

How we stand out.

Growth mindset and curious learning culture are part of our DNA. Our commitment to continuous learning is contagious.

Outcome over ego
Authentic leadership
Transparency and development
Makes people feel great

Meet our founders

Ewa Hutmacher

CEO, co-founder

Ewa is a visionary who makes things happen with results. She works customer-centric and is solution-oriented, with a passion for continuous learning and Business Agility. Ewa is also the host of the Edtech Tuesdays® podcast.

Daniel Hutmacher

CTO, co-founder

Daniel masters complex technical problems on a daily basis in large or mid size companies. He is a Microsoft MVP and he optimizes and increases the value in every solution.

We make things happen.

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