Culture Design – Alignment

Purpose workshop

Design a powerful purpose. How can you make sure that your purpose enables your priorities and behaviours?

Values workshop

How can you connect meaningful values to positive behaviours? What is your current culture and ideal one?

Priorities workshop

In a world of uncertainty and rapid change, what priorities accelerate growth next month, quarter and year?

Behaviours workshop

What do you punish and reward? How can you turn your values into fruitful outcome?

Be the workplace everyone wants to be part of.

Culture Design – Belonging and collaboration

Psychological Safety workshop

Build a safe place to encourage bold conversations. Learn from failure, exploration and curiosity.

Feedback workshop

Create a learning culture where feedback helps you grow. Transform how you think of it. Feedback is a gift not a punishment.

Rituals workshop

Empower your organization with team rituals that foster an identity and make your culture to happen.

Be the workplace everyone wants to be part of.

Culture Design – Agility, Acceleration, Innovation, Scale

Meetings workshop

Decision-Making workshop

Norms and Rules workshop

Workshop: Technologies as an enabler

Schedule a 3 hour workshop to discuss your challenges and explore opportunities. Build a tailor-made use case from your industry and organization with our advice.

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We serve customers in the Nordics, Europe, and the USA, with workplace culture design, continuous learning, and technology as an enabler.

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