Webinar, November 8, 12:00 CET

You’ve been looking for new ways to engage employees using cutting-edge technology. Maybe you’re working in People & Culture, HR or Learning & Development. You’ve heard about Sales Enablement, but maybe you haven’t seen it in real life.

In this webinar, Pascal Rosenberger from eggheads will show you how conversational AI can work to engage and train your employees.

Generative AI has already made waves as a groundbreaking tool with millions of users worldwide, but how can it empower your employee training initiatives to the next level?

Attend our webinar and learn how you can increase the impact of workplace learning by making it an engaging and relevant conversational experience.

This 30 minute session will adress

  • The basics: Understanding Generative AI and Conversational AI
  • Challenges with learning in the workplace
  • How can AI tackles these challenges
  • Q&A

This event is hosted by Ewa Hutmacher, CEO of Snabbfoting, and Pascal Rosenberger, co-founder and CEO, eggheads, a Swiss startup specializing in conversational microlearning solutions.

You can view this webinar from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. ​​​​The webinar will be conducted and recorded using Webinargeek. If you can’t make it, subscribe to get the recording!

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About Snabbfoting

We connect people to what really matters in their work-life using infinite learning and technology as enablers. Snabbfoting equips decision-makers and leaders to make better decisions, build value, and accelerate learning. We serve customers in the Nordics, Europe, and the USA.

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