Snabbfoting and eXact learning solutions launch strategic partnership at EdTech Sweden

PRESS RELEASE, 2019-10-17, Genoa

eXact learning solutions, the leading, global, knowledge transfer technology provider, and Snabbfoting, a Nordic expert in modern educational technologies and digital learning solutions have announced that they have a strategic partnership in place to increase their services and expertise in the Nordics, which is effective 16th October 2019.

The agreement means that Snabbfoting is eXact learning solutions’ recognised partner in the Nordics as of 16th October 2019. This collaboration strengthens the services that innovative learning organisations can access in the the Nordic territories. This will allow practitioners to benefit from cutting-edge content transforming technology, provided by eXact learning solutions, and the advantage of Snabbfoting’s modern, agile, and customer-first attitude with a consultative approach, an emphasis that both organisations share.

The close working relationship between the two organisations means that Snabbfoting’s community in the territory will also benefit from the knowledge and best practice of eXact learning solutions Centre of Excellence, in Italy, and their experience of working with international organisations, in their other global regions.

Giovanni Ghilardotti, eXact’s International Sales and Alliances Manager, states: “We are thrilled to be adding the considerable knowledge of Snabbfoting to our reach in Europe. They have exceptional expertise of the technology needs of practitioners in their local markets, and we are delighted that our knowledge transfer solution can be enhanced in the Nordics by their reputation for understanding the needs of their clients.

In addition, Ewa Hutmacher, CEO of Snabbfoting, comments: “We’re very proud to partner with eXact learning solutions, to be able to offer their leading solutions to our clients in the Nordics. They share our core values and, as edtech professionals, we quickly found a good match with our clients’ needs for flexible, scalable solutions in content management and learning.”


Ghilardotti continues: “this strategic partnership furthers our strength in reacting to the needs of our international clients. In the last year we have willingly responded to client demands for our technology by expanding our team in the US, and launching and expanding our office in London, UK. This extension of our reach demonstrates the scalability of our technology, particularly for multi-national organisations, who want to connect with us across their global locations.

Our client firms tell us that the use of the eXact learning solutions platform as a ‘one-stop shop’ to tailor content, in multiple-languages, in locally-preferred formats and methods of delivery, provides a huge RoI for them. We are looking forward to adding Snabbfoting’s expertise to our reputation, expanding, and continuing to be recognised for our innovations well beyond 2019”.


Ghilardotti adds: “This has also been a great award-winning 12 months for us. In addition to a Brandon Hall Technology Award, for Content Management Technology, we have been recognised in two categories by Training Industry for our Authoring Technology, and our Learning Portal, and these are all testament to our focus and emphasis on R&D”.

In the last few months eXact learning solutions has released:

  • – ‘con-X’ a ground-breaking innovation for informal learning, increasing engagement for knowledge-based content sharing, enhancing knowledge retention across global organisations.
  • – AI innovations, transforming the speed and efficiency of global sales training through automatic translations.

These developments will provide further ease-of-use, directed at helping organisations undertaking digital transformation, in relation to their knowledge transfer and management needs. Snabbfoting will be fully armed to aid organisations in the Nordics harness this increasing functionality by providing a listening and consultative approach to the needs of the market.

eXact will continue its R&D focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biometrics in the next 12 months. Giovanni Ghilardotti further comments that “We have already completed (and executed on) considerable research. We are determined to be at the forefront of creative innovation, in order to seek efficiencies and improvements in benefits to be had from organisational transformation within our global community.

For more information, please contact:


Ewa Hutmacher, CEO

Phone: +46 8 515 107 20

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: @snabbfoting

eXact learning solutions

[email protected]

Global locations: HQ: Italy | Piazza della Vittoria, 11/A, 16121, Genoa

USA | 1 Press Place, Suite 203 (30601), Athens, Georgia

UK | 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL


About Snabbfoting

Snabbfoting is a Nordic edtech consultancy business, digitizing your learning and filling your knowledge gaps. We offer strategy on platform-as-a-service products, and implement bite-sized and reinforcement learning. We work with industry-leading partners. We are curious, agile and well positioned to advise, design and deliver digital learning solutions across all industries.

About eXact learning solutions

eXact learning solutions is the leading global knowledge-transfer technology provider for collaborative learning and regulatory content management.We partner with innovative organisations in shaping the future of content, by enabling and empowering their digital and knowledge-transformation processes.We support efficiencies in organisations, assist in reducing delivery time, allow re-use of previous knowledge and content investments, and speed up typical ROI timescales.We understand that it is vital to have the ability to store, create, share and collaborate, while delivering content locally and globally, and to be able to tailor to internal and external audiences.

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