Episode 3 Celeste Stewart: How can role-models act to build happy and self-driven learners

Meet Celeste Stewart, owner, founder and learning strategist at Bold Curiosity. In this episode, launched on South Africa’s National Women’s day, we discuss the need for time for thinking, neuroscience, and the dopamine effect of learning. Why role-models are important, and the positive impact equipped leaders have on their employees.

Celeste loves reading books, and she is a charismatic leader with ethos and pathos. She has a passion for learning in general, and young people in South Africa in particular.

In Celeste’s work she uses the Whole Brain® Thinking framework, and the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®), a thinking instrument. The HBDI® assessment, developed from research conducted by Ned Herrmann, can provide you with insights about your particular thinking preferences and how your thinking is affected under pressure.

Celeste shares a dream. This leadership and learning conversation is full of hope, opportunities and a better future.

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