Episode 4 Enrico Poli: Reflections with an early-stage edtech investor

Meet Enrico Poli, Director at Zanichelli Venture, an early-stage investment edtech fund. He is an edtech expert and mentor, highly engaged in the ecosystem of learning and technology. He cares how people teach and learn.

We discuss early-stage investment strategies, what make investors curious to invest, and reflect on why some Nordic edtech companies experience barriers when they try to scale.

Enrico shares his passion for learning and investing in daring ideas on education and technology with a perpetual horizon. As part of Zanichelli Venture he usually participates in seed, pre-A and A rounds.

About Snabbfoting

We connect people to what really matters in their work-life using Workplace Culture Design, continuous learning and, technology as enabler. Snabbfoting equips decision-makers and leaders to make better decisions, build value, and accelerate learning. The Edtech Tuesdays® podcast is produced by Snabbfoting.

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