Episode 12 Peter Manniche Riber: How you can use curiosity, data and learning analytics to make business impact

Meet Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning & Analytics at Novo Nordisk and Ewa Hutmacher, CEO Snabbfoting. In this episode we discuss our passion for data and analytics and workplace learning. How can you start focusing on business outcome in your trainings? Which metrics are relevant and why this is so important?

Peter is addicted to making L&D accountable. He likes to connect learning with performance data and prove the correlation between learning and business performance.

About Snabbfoting

Better workplace learning – without the headache. Snabbfoting equips decision-makers and leaders to make better decisions, build value, and accelerate learning. We serve customers in the Nordics, Europe, and the USA. The Edtech Tuesdays® podcast is produced by Snabbfoting.

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